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Greek Icon Stamped Silver Clay Charm

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Greek Icon Stamped Silver Clay Charm

Here is the charm handmade in silver clay and fired to pure silver state. Here is a little bit about Saint Mark, also referred to as the Apostle Mark, is one of these saints whose name day we celebrate. He is one of the Four Apostles and is associated with the Book of Mark in the New Testament. His name day is celebrated on April 25th of each year. 

It is thought that Saint Mark established the Coptic Orthodox Church in Alexandria, which was also a part of Northern Africa. In his last year, Mark was arrested by pagans. On the day of his death, he succumbed to martyrdom. Those who arrested him tied him by the neck with a rope and dragged him over rocks until he lost his life. However, his legacy had already been established since the church in Alexandria was gaining momentum.

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