Grateful Tuesday - Systems in Place

I am grateful everyday but Grateful Tuesday has such a nice sound when you say it so I decided that this is my day to express that I am grateful.

First let me say I am grateful I woke up to see another day & to make it better then yesterday. I never regret what I didn't get to do because being busy getting your business started or branding etc can really take up most of your time....

Systems is what is needed to keep your together...Believe me I fought that long and hard but once I saw how easy it makes your life I was so happy I did it. Try getting a calendar book to put in what you need to get done on certain days, Don't stray from it if at all possible because keeping it a routine will make everything else fall into place. Check off what you have you finish for that day. Do Not Carry it over to the next day! Why? The next day has it's own things that need to be completed. You will just do it next week on that day...Remember makers must has things in place...If you have a date that you no longer accept orders keep to it (unless it's urgent) if you don't your customers will take advantage of you.  Systems help you run your business in a timely fashion and keep you focused and organized. You might need to adjust your systems but never never think they aren't needed because they are. If you need a source look over to Flourish & Thrives website they offer a lot of free information which I feel is very helpful. They are who I listened to and now I feel organized and can really focus on creating. 

Remember to take a minute to analyze what you have put into place and be grateful you are doing what you love and can share it with your customers. 

I am grateful to be doing what I do and each day & night I say thank you....


Imperfectly Beautiful


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