Being Grateful

Well I survived the launching of this site yesterday and really was so touched to see so many of my friends and followers and even new followers visit my site and sign up for emailing. I was taken back and so happy. Yes I put it up on facebook in one of my groups got such great feedback from everyone a few people were a little harsh but isn't it always the way.

Which leads me to this topic Being Grateful Being Kind  now I am the first to say that oh yes I must sometimes bite my lip and not judge and if you know me at times that is very difficult to do, but I know when someone is new to sometime and they are seeking the opinions or acceptance of those who are in the know, well then I am kind to them. I am always everyday Grateful, I never take for granted I am getting tomorrow so I say thank you for all my likes & comments I want you to know I read them I appreciate them and I am inspired by them..

So if anything today be KIND to someone you can change their outlook on life and be GRATEFUL that you can do what you love and share it with others..

Until tomorrow


Imperfectly Beautiful




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