My world through Fused Glass

Lorri Carnevale

Well today I though I'd write about my fused glass work....I started fusing glass awhile back hmmmmm like four years ago....I found that fusing glass help me take my mind off my dad who was told he had small lung cancer...I thought I would be able to escape the pain and hurt I (we) were all going through....It did work....I taught myself the art of fusing glass through many many hours for trail & errors I did create some beautiful pieces but what was I going to do with I decided to create jewelry I mean how hard could that be...HARD....I didn't know the first thing about form or bending metal, not even how to solder....but the great and wonderful world of YouTube helped me...several hours, weeks, later I created some really nice pieces....they were so beautiful in their organic shapes....and if you look closely you could see that some of the glass created pictures....sadly to say my dad passed away that July four years ago...someone told me no one would be interested in glass jewelry so I put it away....never far from my thoughts as I do love glass remember I told you that?

Jump to the NOW.....I am incorporating my love for glass now into my silver metal clay designs....more specific my ring line....I was told OH you can't fuse glass with silver metal clay...the stubborn woman that I am refused to believe that...Again through trail & errors I am able to create with my two loves....

So what is the moral of this Blog Post????Never give up...even if you put it away for know that if there is a passion in your soul to do something...when the time is right you will SUCCEED...I am working my perfecting my imperfect line....I don't really take out all the imperfections on my silver pieces because we are not perfect....they are sturdy....resilient & you......I hope this helps you give all your dreams has for me.


Imperfectly Beautiful



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