It happened on Live

Lorri Carnevale

Yes it did?? ...what am I talking about? Well I am going to tell you..Ready???? I'm talking about when I was listening to a Live Session with Tracy & Jess from Flourish  and Thrive this past week. It was all about your they asked if anyone wanted Tracy to review their website....I did so I entered my websites name...I knew it was not great so I waited for Tracy to review the other ones...I thought maybe she won't get to mine (I was praying) but nonetheless the say I heard her say my sites and and could feel the color drain from my face...As I listened to Tracy & Jess nicely rip my website apart (all in the name of love) I knew I needed to hear it...

Why....because my site wasn't doing what a site should be doing....making you I took Tracy & Jess's advice and redid my site..I choose a new theme one that works better for me...I put my feature collection on the front page...navigation is better...I've seen more traffic...NOW I am not saying I am done because are we ever truly done???Alway tweaking, adding, deleting....but at some point you need to like what you see and if you don't you need to listen to those who actually know more then you...

Lesson here always be open to accept what other see.....if your asking you must need the help.....and its ok to need help we all do....I hope you get the message here.....


Imperfectly Beautiful




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