Do you Love Your Job???

Lorri Carnevale

Yes you heard me...the title do you love your job? I never thought about my designing being a job but I guess in some ways it is...I work longer hours than at a traditional job....I don't get paid sometime there are no benefits....I week 7 days a week...not I design, do social media, update website (which by the way I just redid)and why do we do it???

I do this for the feeling I get deep in my soul....and the feeling I am able to cause those who need me to create for them and those who just love what I create....

I never really thought about it much as being a job until a saw a cartoon yesterday about this....the creator who complained about all the work, no time off, shitty pay etc. and the other person said then get a new job....he say why I love my job...I love what I do I wouldn't give it up....My passion & purpose keep me going when I want to give community at Flourish & Thrive give me encouragement to keep for all of us who complain at times remember why you started this love hate relationship in the first place....I do......


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